The process to receive no-cost or low-cost LEDs

For buildings with a meaningful opportunity to use LEDs:

  • No-cost audits are arranged to determine the LED opportunities.
  • Test LEDs are provided for building management to approve lighting quality, color, light levels and overall suitability for the application.
  • An Opportunity Report is prepared of the existing lighting, proposed lighting, energy savings, project cost, rebates, and net cost to the company, if any.
  • Upon approval by building management, LEDs are supplied for installation.
  • LEDs are installed by building staff, contractor selected by the building management or by contractor arranged by The LED Partnership.
  • Data is provided to The LED Partnership of the locations and LED counts, which were installed.
  • The LED Partnership submits the project data to the utility and manages all utility rebate requirements.
  • In the event of any warranty requirement, The LED Partnership coordinates the handling with the manufacturers.