LED Partnership Rebates

The LED Partnership program, with its extra level of rebates, which combine with utility incentives, is available throughout the U.S. for commercial, industrial, institutional and government buildings. Program incentives will vary according to utility requirements in each area. Buildings, which still utilize fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, halogen, incandescent or compact fluorescent and PL lighting, can utilize LED lighting to cut energy cost up to 80%, virtually eliminate maintenance cost for upwards to 20 years, and improve lighting quality.

The Managing Director of The LED Partnership, Sid Pelston, has operated companies performing energy services, since 1976. During that period, thousands of buildings participated in the programs. The following news articles, Information Sheets, and performance reports directed to Mr. Pelston describe the features, benefits and results of the program.

Building management should complete the LED Opportunity Screener to initiate the process for a no-cost audit and to receive a report of the LED recommendations and economics. Or, contact The LED Partnership at info@LEDpartnership.com.