About The LED Partnership

The LED Partnership, through its relationships in the commercial, institutional and government building marketplace, developed massive buying power to secure significant subsidies from LED manufacturers, in addition to securing utility incentives, which are passed through to building owners nationally to receive LEDs either at no cost or with such low cost so that energy savings returned the LED cost often within a 90 day period.

For 41 years, dating back to 1976, the Managing Director of The LED Partnership has developed and implemented energy cost reduction strategies for companies throughout the United States, while operating energy efficiency programs for utilities, trade associations, property management companies, cities and government agencies.

The LED Partnership provides LEDs of all types, including interior and exterior fixtures, lighting controls, LED T8 tubes, and LED lamps. The LED Partnership performs a Concept through Completion role in developing and implementing LED lighting strategies for building owners. That role includes providing or arranging:

  1. Determine building management priorities and issues.
  2. Collect information of a building’s existing lighting and operating conditions.
  3. LED specifications that produce the best results and economics for the building.
  4. Test LEDs to assure proper lighting quality and color.
  5. Installation of demonstration fixtures for buildings’ approval.
  6. Opportunity Report of proposed LEDs, energy saving, project cost, rebate, and payback.
  7. Supply the LEDs.
  8. Completion of self-install or contractor installation.
  9. Manage utility requirements to qualify for rebates.
  10. Handling any warranty requirements.