The LED Partnership

Rebate Opportunity for No-Cost or Low-Cost LEDs

The LED Partnership secures utility rebates and manufacturer subsidies to supply LED lighting for commercial buildings at no cost or at such low cost for the building’s small investment to be recovered from energy savings in as short as 90 days. The building then benefits from up to 80% reduced lighting cost thereafter plus realizes a major maintenance benefit from LEDs long life, generally rated at 50,000 hours.

The LED Partnership management team’s energy and rebate background dates back to 1976 and serves the commercial marketplace of office buildings, hotels, restaurants, retail, warehousing, churches, schools, entertainment centers, shopping malls, parking structures and others. LEDs include LED T8 tubes, interior and exterior fixtures, 2-and 4-pin lamps, HID screw-in replacements, and screw-in lamps.

The LED Partnership works as a team with the building management and provides or arranges (i) no-cost facility visits to gather data of existing lighting, current energy cost and management’s priorities; (ii) test LEDs to assure the LEDs meet management’s needs; (iii) economic opportunity reports; (iv) product supply; (v) rebate management; (vi) installation; (vii) no-capital-outlay programs; and (viii) handling any warranty need.

LED Advantages

The lighting quality and reliability of today’s LEDs has dramatically advanced, along with significantly reduced cost to make it compelling to replace conventional lighting with LEDs. LED lighting reduces energy cost up to 80% and has up to 100,000 hour rated life for important maintenance benefits and added cost reduction. LEDs have no hazardous waste versus conventional lighting.